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Banana-Oats, Breakfast Smoothie

If your anything like me, breakfast is just not a thing. Either I'm rushing out the house or my stomach isn't ready to consume solid foods.

This banana and oatmeal smoothie, is packed with proteins and makes for a delicious " on the go breakfast ".

I can start my day without skipping the most important meal and it only takes 5 minutes to make.

Grab your blender and get a kick start to your day!

Serves: 1
Prep Time: 4 mins
Total Time: 5 mins

1/4 cup of oatmeal (or more if you desire a thicker and more filling smoothie)

1 banana

1/2 cup of coconut almond milk or any milk at hand

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

2 dashes of vanilla extract

2 dashes of ground cinnamon

1 pinch of salt



Step 1:

Place the oats on the bottom of your single-serve blender and pulse a couple times until finely ground. Add the banana, milk, peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon and (ice-optional) . Blend until smooth and creamy. Add sweetener for a sweeter smoothie.


Soak your oats overnight with 1/2 cup of milk or water for a creamier smoothie.

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